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Education at SYMBOLIC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is about challenge and enjoyment. We teach the importance of constructive questioning and instils a sense of responsibility so that the students can think afresh and contribute positively to the lives of those around them. We encourage them to appreciate the wonders of the world, the strengths of others, and the contribution of all those who have gone before. It fosters individual growth and encourages generosity of spirit. We cement the importance of friendship and nourishes the joy in life that lies at the heart of personal happiness and fulfilment.

Mrs. Geeta Ganapatrao Patil, a humble lady from a simple family background from Belgaum came to Shiroli, Kolhapur with a dream. Her urge to do something for the society, especially children, prompted her to start a 'school'. Totally new idea and no background did not matter, but the vision and determination was clear and strong. With full support from her family, friends and society she planted a small seed of a school. Using her skill and knowledge, a small plant sprouted and is taking a form of big tree. This tree shelters hundreds of big dreaming birds, feed them with right knowledge and free them to reach their sky...


We value aspiration and achievement of all sorts, both within and outside the curriculum, encouraging the highest ambition and personal commitment, and supporting individual strengths and interests.


We celebrate achievement without arrogance and the importance of sportsmanship. We encourage students to develop their skills in leadership, recognising the strength to be derived from working with others and from listening to different points of view. Independence of thinking We seek to instil a love of learning and intellectual curiosity, promoting informed questioning and debate, and self-motivated, self-directed learning.


We promote self-discipline, resourcefulness and initiative. Alongside this, we seek to develop a proper appreciation of self and an understanding of the richness of friendship and spiritual growth in adding depth and meaning to life.


We develop a sense of mutual respect, consideration for others and an appreciation of the richness and diversity of the values, beliefs and people of the world we live in.


We uphold strong moral values, honesty and integrity, valuing service to others and charitable giving, and recognise in doing so that we ourselves are strengthened and enriched.


10th June 2007

Started a small school 'The Kids Wonderland'... The Start

February 2009

Expansion of Building... The first Sprout

June 2011

Started in two shifts... The penetration and the bloom

June 2013

Construction at new site... The acceptance and appreciation

June 2014

New school started... The Deepening and spreading

26th January 2016

Name changed to 'Symbolic International School'... The new Identity of the spring...

The journey of enlightening continues.....


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Mr. Ganpatrao J. Patil

Founder Chairman

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Mrs. Geeta G. Patil

Founder Principal